Color Splash Weekend

Please note the Sept 17th event had to be canceled due to circumstances beyond our control. The rain was only one factor.

  • All those that had a ticket will be transferred to the larger event on Nov 20th.
    • If you can't make the next event, then you can receive a 100% refund from Groupon.
    • Groupon should've contacted everyone on Friday.
  • All those that have bought a ticket today or before the 17th of Sept will receive a special VIP ticket for Nov 20th that will give the option of being at the front of the race on Nov 20th among other things. 

Awesome that the town and school have no other events happening on Nov 20th so we're going to be-able to do more.

We've registered the event with Guinness World Records so we'll be setting three world records that day that we'll be using to inspire millions of people around the world.

  • Discovery channel who filmed one of our first events has been invited back, as well as National Geographic Magazine, Daily Planet and ABC to cover the event.

The event will have a special Historic walking event through La Conner that will take people on an adventure filled treasure hunt, with mysterious clues that will earn them the right to walk the Gauntlet.... to win amazing prizes.

100% of the proceeds go to support the 2Growit4ward project.

If you can't afford to buy a ticket, let us know and we will put you in contact with local businesses that have discounted and free tickets to give away.

More information below on why we had to cancel the event on Sept 17th and why we're moving forward and why it's so important to come together at this time.

We are very sorry to report we have just found out that our attempts to hold the Color Splash Run, our fundraiser to support every student and their teachers in Washington on September 17th have been set back again.


The event scheduled for Sept 17th will not be cleared to take place by the health board, as the building repairs to remove black mold that caused us to close our bakery on August 5thdue to significant health risks have not been completed. We have been advised by mold experts and health officials not to reopen until the black mold is removed as it's very dangerous for children, elderly and those with compromised immune systems to breathe the air where black mold spores are in such high concentration.


We had hoped that the landlord and crew would have honored their agreement to fully repair the damage as the bakery has been closed for 43 days now.


They told us yesterday that it was safe but without the reports from an independent inspector/lab, we're forced to cancel the event. This really has sent us backward in our ability to do more for the children of having to cancel this event the day before.


The town has placed restraints on the route due to other events occurring in September, so we cannot adjust that route, the starting location nor can we adjust the location we are using on school grounds as the school activities and schedule take priority now that the school year has begun.


The good news is that we are not giving up on supporting the children with this event which we are moving to November 20th to make it bigger and better. 


Given the changes, the November 20th event now has three backup plans in place as it is on a Sunday, we’ve located another commercial kitchen to handle the baked goods, we’ve lined up Maple Hall to handle the registrations instead of using the bakery and to top it off it will not interfere with any school activities or any other event in town. Conflicts with other events have been a major concern for the town in our attempts to hold the event anytime from April to September.


The loss of the Sept 17th fundraiser severely affects our ability to help more students at this time so we are doing everything we can to make the November 20th event one that will support our efforts to send all 1.2 million seeds to every child and teacher in the state. Our family is still funding this project ourselves as there has been no corporate support.


It has been enormously frustrating having to postpone this event the first time and now again, since our family business has been closed for 43 days to prevent not only our health from declining further but also to protect the health of those entering the building, as it has majorly affected our ability to launch this project faster, let alone get it off the ground, but we are not losing faith that it is still possible even though it has forced us to postpone sending seeds out from spring to this December. 


The 2growit4ward project is a 17-year project that gives children:


an opportunity to identify what seeds we send them by their own research and sharing information with their class, school, friends, relatives, people in their community and others in the project to identify the seeds.

  • the ability to create the best environment for those seeds to maximize their growth by
  • a seed packet every year for 17 years which will be more advanced as they progress through the project and therefore require greater skill to have successful results.
  • The whole process will be tracked through a living mosaic of images that will transform and grow as their plants grow and as they grow as students.
      • using what they know about plants
      • asking for support from those within their surroundings
      • finding the best way to start
      • adjusting their methods through the results they not only see within their plants, but the results others are achieving as well so that the project promotes collaboration of what is working and what is not.

The project has a 17-year cycle that represents the time when they start their education in kindergarten through to college, university or continued education. 

  • Imagine how big the trees will grow from apple seeds during a 17-year period that some of the kindergarten children receive.
  • These trees will represent their knowledge as it grows and branches out, producing fruit for everyone to share.
  • Parents will find that these seeds will represent small businesses within their communities which grow and expand over those 17 years when they support them just like their child is supporting their plant to maximize its growth.
  • It is these small businesses that support the schools through taxes, through the children’s lives with opportunities that go beyond a job, they provide a sense of belonging to a community.

We believe everything happens for a reason. 

  • This latest delay now means we will be sending seeds now as Christmas gift because of the support of the amazing people like you.
  • The seeds will help these students launch into the new year with the right tools and commitment. What better way to start a 17-year project than to start it on the first day of 2017?!

Anyone signed up for the September 17th event, we truly do apologize for any inconvenience this change has caused.

  • Anyone not choosing to transfer to November 20th can ask Groupon for a full refund on your ticket price.

Thank you for your interest to help others and to have fun at the same time. We look forward to a successful event on November 20th and hope to see you then.

  • Nov 20th is a special day as it marks Guinness World Record Day Around the world

o   Everyone attending the event will become part of three Guinness World Records that we will be setting to prove that together we can make a difference.

§  These records will be used to inspire students and teachers around the world to never give up, to fully believe that every one of us has a purpose, a right to be here, a unique gift to share with the world.

§  Participation in the main record is free for everyone no matter if you're participating in the Color Splash run or not, you don’t even have to be there, you can do it from home.

o   Everyone in attendance will have a special square in the World’s Largest Living Mosaic that we’re creating to inspire 1.2 million students and teachers in the WA State.

November 20, 2016 at 9:12am - 12:12pm
Historic La Conner
Trever McGhee ·
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