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                  Every 2 seconds 

    ...someone connected to you within 6 degrees attempts suicide,

Every Day that's 43,200 people you know within six degrees

Within that number, unfortunately 2160 will succeed in taking their life.

Within 5 years,that number is expected to someone attempting suicide every second of the day...with someone succeeding every 20 seconds.


 In the time it took you to read this far....we've lost another person to suicide!

Decide Today ~ that you can spare two seconds of your time to create a life time for another

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@TreverMcGhee in his Evolution ~ Its time 2 Create Life

   Through his 12 year Growit4ward Project to inspire the United Nations to get with the program 2CreateLife. 


How you Ask? 

Six Degrees of Separation tell us that

We’re connected to someone within 6 degrees that can help You or someone you know and Your connected to someone that can help us.








Click here to read about the dark side of this challenge we are addressing by

focusing on the Bright Side that's being used to help eliminate the Dark.







Bright Side is an amazing Opportunity for us to bring everyone together with a common goal to help everyone succeed in life. 

Thanks to people like you, we're creating a full-scale model for individuals, businesses, organizations, communities and charities to Splash it 4ward side-by-side this spring.





Take a look at our new Crowd Funding Site as we raise money for Phase III of the new App that can stand alone in its own device or join with your cell phone. Power Enhanced WIFI internet based Bluetooth Technology will revolutionize the cell phone industry with its ability to bring people together in real time, not only to support their goals, but to be a release the Guardian within to help use their full potential.


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